Unique exhibition. Lex Harding showed us his PopArt collection exhibited in the Beurs van Berlage today. Fantastic walk through memory lane.

A fantastic collection of 120 PopArt pieces. About 100 are from Andy Warhol, the absolute king of PopArt.

The Prints of Andy Warhol and other PopArtists

PopArt is derived from Popular Art, an art flow that originated in the United States and England almost simultaneously in the sixties. PopArt originated from the period’s spirit of freedom, sexual revolution and the women’s emancipation. The themes come from comics, advertisements, television, newspapers and magazines. Because celebrities like Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley and Mao and everyday objects like soup cans and cola bottles were depicted, PopArt reflects daily life more than historical elite art.

Because of the unremitting multiplication of PopArt, screen printing became so important as it made the art accessible to large, varied audiences. PopArt produced in the sixties and seventies can be found everywhere today. The most important PopArt influencer is without question Andy Warhol, followed by Roy Lichtenstein and Keith Haring. Many PopArt pieces are primarily decorative and rarely have a deeper meaning: “If you want to know all about Andy Warhol, just look at the surface of my paintings and films and me, and here I am. There is nothing behind it.” — Andy Warhol

This exhibition will feature the screen prints as well as depicting the screen printing process and a replication of Andy Warhol’s ‘Factory’. ‘The Factory’ is the nickname of Warhol’s studio in New York, where artists and musicians gathered and where most of the prints were created.



July 2nd till September 30th 2017


Beurs van Berlage, Damrak 243, 1012 ZJ Amsterdam

Opening Hours

The exposition is open daily from 10AM till 6PM. The counter closes at 5PM.

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    closes at 5PM
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For more information contact Beurs van Berlage +31 (0)20 – 530 41 41

The counter closes at 5PM.

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The exhibition is held at the Beurs van Berlage in the city centre of Amsterdam

Not only

Screen prints

This exhibition not only shows screen prints, but also how a screen print is created by displaying a screen printing machine and photos of Warhol’s ‘Factory’, his studio in New York, where artists and musicians gathered and where most of the screen prints were created.

How to Get There and Accessibility


De Beurs van Berlage is very easy to reach by car and public transport. Check Google Maps below to plan the ideal route. The exhibition is wheelchair accessible.

Andy Warhol Amsterdam

Beurs van Berlage

July 2nd till September 30th


Damrak 243, 1012 ZJ, Amsterdam


+31 (0)20 – 530 41 41

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